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Join our live Q&A for IT admins to connect with each other and the technical experts at JumpCloud.


Every Friday, 11:30am to 12:30pm ET

Come join us for an open discussion on the hybrid work environment best practices and challenges in our May 7th Office Hours session. Join the panel as they discuss what trends and strategies are on the forefront of IT and hybrid work. Beyond just the advent of remote work, what do you feel is new and important to understand with this subject? We look forward to hearing what you think about hybrid work in 2021 so bring your thoughts!

Feel free to send any questions or thoughts beforehand to officehours@jumpcloud.com and we will queue them up to answer live on air — see you there!

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What this is:

  • Your time. Bring your questions to each session based on the session's topic(s). Send questions to officehours@jumpcloud.com ahead of time to get your questions on our list.
  • Weekly topic, Q&A, and latest product updates. Ask a JumpCloud expert the questions that are on your mind about the weekly topic. We'll be sure to cover recent product releases and early access features at the end.
  • Your JumpCloud community. You'll be joined by fellow JumpCloud customers, partners, or people who're interested in learning a little bit about the day’s topic(s). This is an inclusive forum that aims to surface shared questions and topics on your minds. Our focus isn't on selling you anything, but you can get more info on feature pricing by contacting a directory solutions advisor at sales@jumpcloud.com.